Pip Calculator

Ensuring Accurate Trading

The pip calculator available at allows traders to calculate the pip value of their trades easily. The tool provides you with instant results based on real-time currency exchange rates. As a result, this ensures a faster, more straightforward, and more reliable forex trading experience. The pip value can be calculated for each trade, and results will be displayed based on your account’s base currency. Our pip calculator supports a vast catalog of base currencies and a wide selection of currency pairs. To calculate the pip value of your trade, follow these four simple steps Step 1: Select your investment size in lots Step 2: Choose a currency pair to trade Step 3: Enter the currency in which you will make your trades Step 4: Click Calculate to view the pip value for your trade Simple!

Economic Calendar

Designed Trading Strategies Based on Economic Events

The economic calendar available at allows you to keep abreast with the critical economic developments around the world, every day. In this way, you will be able to estimate the impact of these events on the financial markets and to leverage this on your trades. The economic calendar is there to help you develop a robust trading strategy by providing you with the exact time each event is expected to occur. Our economic calendar also describes the relevance of each activity and their potential impact on some financial instruments. You can utilize our economic calendar to know the time major financial reports will be published, and when essential financial figures are expected to make significant market-changing announcements.


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