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Chinese regulators have hit e-commerce company Alibaba with a fine of 18.2bn yuan (US$2.78bn) over practices deemed to be an abuse of its dominant market position, according to state-run media. The … [+1070 chars]
Raedex secured cash from retail investors and used the money to buy cars. It then leased these vehicles out, often to drivers with a poor credit history, and used income from leases and car sales to … [+1341 chars]
BBC News NI outlines the latest data on coronavirus and vaccinations across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. There have been two more Covid-19-related deaths recorded in Northern Irelan… [+1515 chars]
On April 9th, 1967, the Boeing 737 had hit the skies for the very first time. 54 years later, the type is still a common sight in the skies and continues to be one of the world’s most popular narrowb… [+3818 chars]
Britons have been told not to book summer holidays just yet, as the country waits to see if international travel will be allowed this summer. Here's the latest update on foreign travel. play-icon … [+6489 chars]
The European Unions drug regulator has started a review to assess blood clots in people who received Johnson & Johnsons Covid-19 vaccine. Four serious cases of unusual clots accompanied by low b… [+2880 chars]
John Lewis has launched thousands of new low-price products in a value range called Anyday as boss Dame Sharon White fights to lure the middle classes back to its stores and website.  The loss-makin… [+1607 chars]
Rolex doesn't do homage, and you certainly can't categorize any of their watches as heritage pieces. That sort of thing is left to Tudor. Instead, the Crown subtly nods to history while maintaining a… [+9175 chars]
MG has shown its bold new Cyberster sports car concept in full ahead of its official debut at the Shanghai motor show.  The electric two-door roadster is intended as a "vision of the future", previe… [+1552 chars]
Many people are desperate to find out what countries will be placed on the Governments green list for travellers. A new traffic light system will be used to determine testing and quarantine requirem… [+840 chars]
One of two deaths recorded in the last 24 hours occurred in someone aged between 0 and 19 years-old. It's the second death of someone under the age of 19 to be recorded in Northern Ireland since the… [+1907 chars]
Good news comes for Aldi shoppers as the most wanted garden furniture is back in stock. The supermarket are cashing in on the garden revolution with a host of new items - and some are Specialbuys. … [+2273 chars]
Facebook has removed more than 16,000 groups trading fake reviews after the UKs competition regulator criticised the company for failing to make good on a previous promise to clamp down on the practi… [+2491 chars]
Like all travellers, cruise passengers will have to abide by the traffic light system. I dont object to the idea of green, amber and red lists of countries provided the rules dont change overnight as… [+2759 chars]
Pub drinkers in some parts of England will be forced to wear masks even when outside from Monday, thanks to even stricter rules for reopening drawn up by some overzealous councils. Landlords have be… [+2784 chars]
A chorus of British monetarists and credit experts has accused the Bank of England of stoking an irresponsible economic boom, fearing an inflationary spiral and an old-fashioned balance of payments c… [+2451 chars]
American aerospace manufacturing juggernaut Boeing has announced that it has made a safety recommendation to a group of 16 737 MAX operators. The news comes after the company found the need to addres… [+3260 chars]
Britain's blue-chip benchmark finished down over 26 points, or 0.38%, at 6,915 but FTSE 250 stayed in the green
  • FTSE 100 closes in red
  • US stocks on the up
  • Strong US PPI data
China fines Alibaba billions for alleged market abuses - The Guardian
The Guardian - Apr 10, 2021
Chinese regulators have hit e-commerce company Alibaba with a fine of 18.2bn yuan (US$2.78bn) over practices deemed to be an abuse of its dominant market position, according to state-run media. The …
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