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The sharp suited traders at the London Metal Exchange may never return to their red leather benches, after the managers of Europes last remaining in-person trading floor set out plans to move entirel… [+2947 chars]
The number of deaths linked to Covid-19 keeps rising in Devon and Cornwall. This morning it was revealed that the total number of deaths recorded in the region where the virus was mentioned on the d… [+25329 chars]
Thunder Ball Results Tuesday 19th January: Check the winning ThunderBall numbers to find out if your life has just changed! ThunderBall Results for Tuesday 19th January will appear here as soon as t… [+3062 chars]
The future of Vauxhalls UK car production will depend on government support after the brutal decision to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, according to the boss of Stellantis, the… [+3388 chars]
Jobs and investment are likely to continue to leave the City of London for the European Union due to Brexit, Irelands EU commissioner Mairead McGuinness said as she launched a plan to strengthen the … [+2196 chars]
Netflix will no longer raise debt to fund its spending spree on television shows and films and may begin returning money to shareholders through buybacks, marking a milestone in the company’s evoluti… [+1735 chars]
What is Bitcoin and is it safe? Here are some of Martin's answers from the live show, [along with additional notes from Martin in square brackets and italics - added in the cold light of day]. Mart… [+4920 chars]
Tony Blair's son Euan could now be worth almost £73million after the education technology start-up he founded was valued at £147million. The London-based firm, which finds apprenticeship places and … [+7974 chars]
Former pensions minister and co-chair of the APPG on Gaps in Support, Esther McVey, said: Too many of those who made the leap into self-employment have been denied desperately-needed help because of … [+1716 chars]
Coronavirus vaccine passports could soon be 'recognised' across the EU as leaders give initial backing ahead of a summit this week. Brussels said using the passports to allow greater travel and tour… [+36383 chars]
Pub giant JD Wetherspoon has said that it expects its pubs to remain shut until April as the coronavirus pandemic continues. The company said it has made "zero" sales in 2021 so far as all of its 87… [+2671 chars]
The government could be forced to award rebates to tens of thousands of self-employed women if a case accusing it of discriminating against those who have taken maternity leave is successful. About … [+3077 chars]
The more important question is how many are staying LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX Netflix has surpassed another major milestone: 203.6 million subscribers around the world. The achievement comes after Netf… [+5010 chars]
SpaceX has acquired two former oil drilling rigs to serve as these floating spaceports. Named Phobos and Deimos, after the two moons of Mars, they are currently undergoing modifications to support St… [+6062 chars]
By Roger HarrabinBBC environment analyst image copyrightWest Cumbria Mining Company Britain's climate change leadership is being undercut by a government decision to allow a new coal mine in Cumbri… [+3900 chars]
Nearly three-quarters of the pubs promised a £1,000 grant by the prime minister to help them survive the loss of Christmas sales in England are still waiting for the money, the industry trade body ha… [+540 chars]
There have been 24 further Covid-19 related deaths according to the Department of Health. The deaprtment's daily dashboard says 17 people have passed away in the past 24 hours as a result of the vi… [+900 chars]
image captionGreig Court is one of the blocks awarded category A status Eight multi-storey flats in Aberdeen have been awarded category A listed status for their architectural and historic interest.… [+2284 chars]
Trading floor ready to close as London Metal Exchange moves to modernise - The Guardian
The Guardian - Jan 20, 2021
The sharp suited traders at the London Metal Exchange may never return to their red leather benches, after the managers of Europes last remaining in-person trading floor set out plans to move entirel…
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